This section describes provides a high-level overview regarding the technical implementation of Mirror Protocol.

Even with a thorough understanding of Mirror Protocol, it is highly recommended to interact with Mirror through client channels such as the Mirror Web App or Mirror.js.

Smart Contracts

The source code for Mirror smart contracts can be found on GitHub. Mirror Protocol is deployed with one of each of the following contracts, organized through the Factory.




Gathers protocol fees incurred from CDP withdrawals and liquidations and sends to Gov


Manages the Community Pool fund


Central directory that organizes the various component contracts of Mirror


Allows other Mirror contracts to be controlled by decentralized governance

Distributes MIR received from Collector to MIR stakers


Handles CDP creation, management and liquidation


Provides interface for oracle feeders to post prices for mAssets


Distributes MIR rewards from block reward to LP stakers

The Mirror Token (MIR) is a Terraswap CW20 Token instance that is created during the initial bootstrapping of the protocol and is registered with the Mirror Protocol core contracts.

When new mAssets are whitelisted, Mirror Protocol will create the following contract instances:

  • Terraswap CW20 Token for the new mAsset

  • Terraswap Pair for the new mAsset against UST

  • Terraswap CW20 Token for the new mAsset's LP Token