The Trade page provides an interface for buying and selling mAsset / MIR tokens against UST. Trades are made against the asset's Terraswap pool and are priced algorithmically by its automated market making algorithm.

The Trade interface is directly connected to Terraswap.


1 . Navigate to the Trade page. Select whether to Buy or Sell.

2. Select asset to buy or sell.

3. Enter amount to buy or sell. Then, click the button below to confirm.

The amount shown on the page is an estimate based on the observed pool ratio at time of order. You may actually receive a different amount of tokens due to changes in pool ratio between signing and broadcasting the transaction.

4. Station Extension should prompt you to sign the transaction. Confirm the details presented and input your password to sign.

5. All done!

Special cases:

Trading transactions may not complete transaction will not be completed under following circumstances:

  • If the price changes by more than 1% compared to estimated, the protocol will be prevent the transaction in order to protect the user from executing at an unexpected price.

  • If the order is exceeds balance of pool, the transaction will fail.