This section covers staking LP tokens on mETH. Staking guide for Mirror Web App is available here.
Users can stake mAsset-UST LP or MIR-UST LP tokens to earn MIR reward.
Each staking position is unique to each type of LP tokens specified by the mAsset-UST pair. Also, due to different weight and pool price of each mAsset, each farming position has a different Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which represents the yearly MIR reward from staking LP tokens.

Stake / Unstake LP Tokens

1. From the Stake (Main) page, select Stake LP from the pool which you hold LP for.
  • A staking pool where the user has LP tokens already staked will show a Staked label on top of the box.
  • A staking pool where the user has LP to stake will show a Stakable label on top of the box.
2. Select Stake or Unstake
3. Enter amount of LP tokens to Stake / Unstake.
5. Press Stake / Unstake. Metamask should pop-up and ask you to approve and sign the transaction. Select Allow to sign.

Claim LP Staking Rewards

1. Navigate to My Page
2. In the Stake section, select "..." under Actions and select Claim.
3. User will be directed to a new page to confirm the amount being claimed.
4. Select CLAIM. Metamask will prompt you to confirm and sign the transaction.
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Stake / Unstake LP Tokens
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